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Welcome to International Conference on “Ayurveda for Global Well-being”

Despite increased global healthcare spending, there has been an increasing incidence, and severity of diseases pointing to impaired health of the populace. This progressive deterioration in general health increased in healthcare costs that have hampered the economy of many countries. It is interesting that the WHO's integrated definition of health was actually articulated 2,000 years ago. Sushruta defined health as a physiological balance added to a psycho -sensual happiness. An ideal health care system as defined by Ayurveda is one which cures a disease without causing or precipitating other illness. Thousands of years ago, Ayurveda pointed out the importance of a preventive over a curative approach, because it has an impact form many generations.

The main focus of the theme of Conference "Ayurveda for Global Well-being" will be accomplished by involvement of all stake holders involved in education system, delivery of health care services & research, standardisation of Ayurveda therapies, regulatory experts and policy makersfor the establishment of Ayurveda as evidence based medicine for Global well-being. Organizers are longing to document the conference outcomes in the form of possibilities of strategic combination of Ayurveda Principles & Practices and modern research tools to create a complete healthcare system for the Global Well-being. We hope this system will be called as Symbiohealth and it will be potentially more effective and less expensive devoted for healthier society.

The venue for this International Conference is Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College Hospital and Research Center a constituent college of Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (DU), one of the premiers institute in the field of Ayurveda Education, Research and Patient Care. Institute is situated at Wardha- a city where comes alive amalgam of Social and Spiritual aspects.

International Conference on “Ayurveda for Global Wellbeing” will be a great opportunity to interact with erudite scholars of Ayurveda and Modern Medicines to benefit from their knowledge and experience. In this conference Academicians, Clinicians, Researchers and Policy Makers from all over the world will illuminate the time tested knowledge of Ayurveda. All healthcare professionals, Academicians, Researchers, Students, Policy makers and Administrators of the field of health are invited to join the conference to gain insight to achieve the objective of complete health at affordable cost for Global Well-being.

Organised By

Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College Hospital and Research Center, Salod(H),
constituent Unit of Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences(DU),
Sawangi(Meghe), Wardha,
M.S., India-442001